St. Vital Parent Child Coalition

About Us

why we exist

About the SVPCC

Empowering families in raising healthy and thriving children through impactful local programs & resources

The Parent Child Coalition is able to assist programs for families with funding. All programs that have received assistance from the Coalition strengthen parents’ knowledge in one or more of the following domains:

  • Positive Parenting

    Parenting workshops, support groups, resources, Triple P

  • Nutrition & Physical Health

    Creative movement programs, nutrition programs, community kitchens

  • Learning & Literacy

    Family literacy programs, parent-child programs, book bags, resource libraries

  • Community Capacity Building

    Networking training opportunities, professional development, volunteerism, employment


The Parent Child Coalition

In 2001 Healthy Child Manitoba created the Parent Child Coalition (PCC) approach to provide a structure for a grassroots community effort to address the needs of children throughout Manitoba.

The St. Vital PCC is one of 26 Coalitions in the province that receives yearly funding from the Manitoba government to support programs and projects for the benefit of families with young children in our area.

Fostering health & wellbeing

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Vital Parent Child Coalition is to promote, support, and create community services that encourage and assist families to raise healthy children in a nurturing, safe climate that stimulates language, creativity and imagination, so that our children are prepared and confident to be the best possible citizens of tomorrow.

The SVPCC serves as a reliable hub, connecting parents and caregivers to a wealth of opportunities and support systems that contribute to their child’s holistic development. By providing comprehensive information about local programs, including healthcare services, early childhood education, recreational activities, and parenting workshops, families gain the ability to make informed decisions that positively impact their children’s growth.